April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month so it’s particularly fitting that we keep an eye out for poems.

Some poems are playful; some are serious; many are a mix.

Here is a link to Bob Hicok’s poem about being from Michigan: A Primer.

Here is a link to Lucille Clifton reading her short, playful poem Homage to My Hips.

A year after the quake in Haiti, artists raised their voices in love and poetry: Haiti Music and Poetry.

There are many perspectives on the topic of “What makes a poem?” (very similar to “What makes something art?”). In a series of speaking portraits several poets have a go at this question (the best are near the middle, so keep listening!):

April is National Poetry Month. Keep your eye out for poems. Watch your feet—it’s spring; there are poems swimming up from the sidewalk. You may trip over a poem and get swallowed up; watch your hips, you may become a poem and flutter up into the seesaw breeze.

— Priscilla Atkins, Head of Reference and Instruction

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