Favorite Library Study Spots

Looking for somewhere new to study as you prepare for your finals? Check out where some of these Hope students like to study:

Edith L. (’12) works on her Colonial Latin American History homework at a table on the north side of the first floor. She likes to study there because it’s a quiet corner of the library and a good place to study.

Will H. (’13) works on Psychology at a table on the north side of the fourth floor. He likes to work there so he can access an outlet and wireless internet.

Brad B. (’11) works on Physics problems at one of the tables near the stairs on the second floor. He likes working there because it’s quiet.

Sara D. (’11) wrote her Cultural Heritage II paper at a table on the south side of the third floor. She chose to work on her paper there to get away from distractions.

What’s your favorite library study spot?

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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