Library Congratulates its Graduating Senior Workers

Today we honored and celebrated our fantastic group of graduating Senior library workers with a luncheon at CityVu.  We had 28 Seniors this year, some of whom have been working at the library all four years of their study at Hope.  During this time these students built up some good memories from Van Wylen and the Music Library.  Heather Mills appreciated the interesting research questions she helped with, particularly in the summers.  Arax Mikaelyan remembered John Hoyer cooking her the tastiest omelette she had ever eaten.  Ashley Berber enjoyed the summer dessert “taste offs” at the media desk.  Elizabeth Higginbotham appreciated the great relationships she developed with fellow student workers, library staff and patrons over her four years in the library.

Seniors2012Our talented students are heading off to diverse post-Hope adventures.  These range from jobs in nursing and banking to journalism and marketing, graduate school programs in vocal performance, public health, and clinical psychology, and even some international travel.  Some are exploring possibilities with Americorps and Teach for America.

As a memento of their dedication and hard work in the library, each student has chosen an item to be added to the library collection in their name.  You can see what each student has selected here.

— Jessica Hronchek, Research Librarian


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