Recent Additions to Credo Reference

Credo Reference is one of the many online reference sources Van Wylen Library subscribes to. This source allows users access to over 3 million full-text entries from nearly 500 titles by either searching for a certain topic or phrase within the whole database or by searching or browsing within a specific book. The database is constantly updated with new books, so you can always find current information. Students from any major will find Credo to be useful for their research.

Arts & Humanities

Interested in popular music? Want to know more about the government’s role in music development? The Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Locations is exactly what you need. This encyclopedia will provide you with an in-depth look at popular music across the globe.

Ever get the feeling that the lion in the book you’ve been assigned to read for your English class is more that just a lion? Confused as to what the author really means when he mentions an owl? Look no farther than the Dictionary of Literary Symbols to have all your symbolic questions put to rest. This dictionary uses many cross-references and quotations to explain even the most obscure of symbols found in literature.

Natural and Applied Sciences


Interested in medicine, but confused by all the symbols? Jablonski’s Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations can help interpret medical shorthand that is commonly used today. With over 28,000 entries, this dictionary is a useful resource for anyone hoping to get into the medical field.

The study of science is full of theories and discoveries, but have you ever wondered exactly who developed those theories or where the discoveries came from? The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography can help you. This dictionary covers scientific topics ranging from astronomy to zoology and includes information about both the people who have had influence in the scientific world and the concepts they put forth.

Social Sciences

Wish that you could predict what’s going to happen next in our economy?Credo Reference recently added Guide to Economic Indicators to their collection. This book provides statistical data on the U.S. economy to help you understand exactly what’s going on. The book also provides jargon-free explanations of macroeconomic indicators so economics majors and non-majors alike can be enlightened.

Interested in the politics of the world, but overwhelmed by all the information out there? World Politics Since 1945 aims to help you. This recently updated edition breaks down global politics by area and now includes information on political changes that have taken place in the past ten years, such as wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan, political developments in Latin America, and the expansion of the European Union.

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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