New at the Library: Text Us Questions!

Van Wylen is currently trying out a new text message service that will operate similarly to Chat a Librarian. Patrons can text short questions to 616-765-4673 and receive answers from library staff in real time.

You can text questions from anywhere, including inside the library. Having trouble finding a book on the fourth floor and want a librarian’s help? Just text “I need help finding a book on the fourth floor” to 616-765-4673, and someone from the Research Help Desk will come to the rescue.

Other questions you might ask:
1. Until what time is the library open?
2. What are winter break hours?
3. What is the call number for (insert book title here)?
4. Where can I find a copier?

Try to keep questions short and sweet. Text a Librarian will not replace chatting a librarian through G-chat or using the Ask a Librarian email form. If you have longer research questions, visit us at the Research Help Desk or set up an appointment with a librarian.

–Madalyn Muncy, Library Student Blogger

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