Hope College Digital Commons 10-Year Birthday

Hope College Digital Commons, the college’s Van Wylen Library-supported institutional repository, celebrates its 10th birthday this March.*  Hope College Digital Commons was established to collect, preserve, and make available scholarly and creative work generated by the college’s faculty, staff, and students, and to provide access to materials held by the Joint Archives of Holland.  

The institutional repository reaches a global audience by sharing its content openly, making faculty journal articles, student posters from the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Hope College publications such as Milestone, The Anchor, News from Hope College, and the Joint Archives Quarterly, and local historical newspapers (Holland City News; Ottawa County Times) available for download.  For more information about Hope College Digital Commons see the library’s Digital Commons Guide.  Visit the library’s Digital Exhibits page or JSTOR Open Community Collections for more digital collections from the Joint Archives of Holland.

To celebrate ten years of our Digital Commons repository here are some usage statistics we’d like to share (March 4, 2011-March 4, 2021):

Number of Downloads

Total Number of Downloads: 645,232

Faculty Publications Downloads:  57,718 

Hope College Publications Downloads: 368,709

Milestone: 14,195

News from Hope College: 31,937

The Anchor: 285,455

The Joint Archives Quarterly: 19,088 

Holland City News Issue Downloads:  59,844

Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Posters and Abstract Booklets Downloads: 44,361  

Joint Archives Collection Registers and Abstracts Downloads:  37,638 

Most Downloads 

Featured below are some of the most downloaded items in Hope College Digital Commons.  Download numbers are provided.

Top 10 Faculty Publications

Congratulations to these faculty authors for being in the top ten most downloaded publications from Hope College Digital Commons.  This illustrates the value of an institutional repository in disseminating faculty scholarship and highlights the significant contributions of Hope College faculty to their fields of research.

  1. Granting Forgiveness or Harboring Grudges: Implications for Emotion, Physiology, and Health / Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Thomas Ludwig, Kelly L. Vander Laan:  3,114
  2. Retributive Justice, Restorative Justice, And Forgiveness: An Experimental Psychophysiology Analysis / Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Everett L. Worthington, Lindsey M. Root, Amy F. Sato, Thomas E. Ludwig, Julie J. Exline: 2625
  3. Compassionate Reappraisal and Emotion Suppression as Alternatives to Offense-focused Rumination: Implications for Forgiveness and Psychophysiological Well-being / Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Nathaniel J. DeYoung, Alicia J. Hofelich, Paul DeYoung: 2090
  4. Lakewood Farm: The Private Zoo That the Public Loved / Geoffrey D. Reynolds: 1720
  5. Mac Bay Boat Company / Geoffrey D. Reynolds: 1628
  6. Understanding Firewalld in Multi-Zone Configurations / Nathan R. Vance, William F. Polik: 1490
  7. Compassion-focused Reappraisal, Benefit-focused Reappraisal, and Rumination After an Interpersonal Offense: Emotion-regulation Implications for Subjective Emotion, Linguistic Responses, and Physiology / Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Ross W. Knoll, Nova G. Hinman, Paul DeYoung: 1458
  8. Review of Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All / Eric L. Mann: 1311
  9. High-throughput Generation, Optimization and Analysis of Genome-scale Metabolic Models / Christopher S. Henry, Matthew DeJongh, Aaron A. Best, Paul M. Frybarger, Ben Linsay, Rick L. Stevens: 1278
  10. Built Along the Shores of Macatawa: The History of Boat Building in the Holland, Michigan Area, 1837-2002 / Geoffrey D. Reynolds: 1270

Top 5 Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Posters

  1. The Link Between “Likes” and Self-Worth: How Women Use Selfies on Instagram for Self- Presentation and the Effects of Social Comparison / Justine Poe: 4929 
  2. Music for Silent Film: Critical Analysis of Film scores in Metropolis and The Artist / Kelsey O’Brien:  2589 
  3. The Effect of 4 Weeks of “Fat Gripz” on Grip Strength in Male and Female Collegiate Athletes / Nicholas Heyboer, Christian Leathley, Matthew VanZytveld: 1588
  4. The Validity of VO2max Testing Modalities in Running, Cycling and Swimming Populations / Dana Almarez, Michael Fries, Kaylee Kiogima: 1537
  5. Operation Swing: How Jazz Helped to Win World War II / Colin Rensch: 1428

Top Items from Our Digital Collections

Digital access now makes historical information available to a wide audience including Hope alumni and historical researchers.  We are proud to be able to offer this kind of access to our community and researchers around the world.

The Anchor

The Anchor, Volume 107.15: January 26, 1994: 4624

News from Hope College

News from Hope College, Volume 20.6: June, 1989: 633

The Joint Archives Quarterly

The Joint Archives Quarterly, Volume 24:04; Winter 2015: 2105

Holland City News

Holland City News, Volume 93, Number 40: October 1, 1964: 416


Milestone 2009: 312

Joint Archives Collection Register

H93-1188. Robert H. Schuller (1926-2015)/Crystal Cathedral Ministries. Records, 1955-2000. 44.50 linear ft.: 930

Hope College Publication

The Anchor, Volume 107.15: January 26, 1994: 4624

Joint Archives Digital Collection Item

71st Annual Report of the Board of World Missions: 1200

Most Downloaded Item (All Works)

Hope College Abstracts: 13th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance: 5722

Top Regions Downloading Items from Hope College Digital Commons

Here are the top twenty countries that have accessed information in the institutional repository.  Many other countries regularly access our works.  Open Access to faculty publications is especially important in developing countries that cannot afford to subscribe to pricey scholarly journals.

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Russian Federation
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Singapore
  6. Germany
  7. Ukraine
  8. Canada
  9. India
  10. Netherlands
  11. France
  12. Australia
  13. South Africa
  14. Philippines
  15. Korea, Republic Of
  16. Japan
  17. Indonesia
  18. Brazil
  19. Italy
  20. Nigeria

*According to data from the institutional repository platform vendor (bepress) metrics on the site have been taken since March 4, 2011, and this is an indication of when the site may have been made live.

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