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Update: The library has subscribed to EasyBib, which is now available on our Citing Sources page.

Hope College Libraries are exploring new options for assisting students and faculty with their citations. Here is an interesting option that you might like to explore.

For the next month, the library has a trial to a service called EasyBib. This website allows you to enter your citation information into a form, which then creates the citation in the standard style of your choice (APA, MLA, Chicago). Current to the most recent editions of each style, you can create citations for a wide variety of materials. It also has the ability to save lists of citations, export them to Word, and create footnotes and parenthetical references from a citation. My personal favorite feature is its ability to use the ISBN number for a book to auto-fill the citation fields.

To try out EasyBib, simply register for a user account and enter in the trial coupon “hopebib.” We would appreciate any feedback that would help us decide if this is a resource we should add to our library services.

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  1. Really enjoyed using the trial. I would never purchase it myself, but was extremely useful to keep track of the many resources I was using for a large research paper. I liked being able to save it, and come back to it later. Two thumbs up!

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