Creating links to Databases and Online Articles

“How do I create links to electronic journal articles,” is a common question asked by faculty. There are two parts to this. First, it is necessary to identify the correct link to use, and second, the link may have to be modified to work for off-campus users.

Identifying the link

In some databases, it is possible to right click on the full-text link and use the URL provided. For example, in CSA databases such as PsycARTICLES you can right click on the full-text PDF link in the Record View screen. From the menu that comes up, choose “Copy Link Location” (FireFox) or “Copy Shortcut” (Explorer), and paste the link into Moodle or wherever else you want to create a link to the article.

In other databases, it is necessary to have the database generate a URL that can be used to link back to an article. Gale databases, such as OneFile, offer a “Bookmark this Document” link. Clicking on this link will open a new browser window with a stable URL that can be copied and pasted.


Linking for Off-Campus Users

Nearly all of the databases available through the library require a Hope Internet address to use them. This creates a problem for off-campus Hope users who need to be able to access a database. The solution is to use another computer (a proxy server) that makes the user appear to be on-campus. In order for this to work, the URL to the database or article needs to modify slightly.

If this is the regular URL for a database:

the off-campus version would be:

Two items need to be added to direct the link through the proxy server. First, the0- after the http:// and then afte the domain (com).

With this kind of a link, on-campus users will go directly to the resource, and off-campus users will get an authentication screen (library barcode/PIN) before getting to the article or database.

If you enter a database through the Off-Campus Databases, General, or Subject web pages, the links will usually already be configured to work for off-campus users.

If you need help in creating links to a database or online article, please contact a librarian.

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