Community Action House Drive Happening Now

Drop off your donations at the display on the first floor of Van Wylen. Van Wylen Library is currently hosting a drive to benefit Community Action House, a local agency that seeks to break the poverty cycle by encouraging self-sufficiency through empowerment programs.  Community Action House provides a variety of social services to individuals and […]

Hope Theater Presents "Sweeney Todd"

Hope College Theater will present “Sweeney Todd” beginning this weekend, November 9th and 10th and continuing Wednesday-Saturday, November 14-17 at 8 p.m. in DeWitt Main Theater. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the “musical thriller” is based on the 1973 play of the same name. It tells the story of Benjamin Barker, aka Sweeney […]

Hope Theater Presents "Helen"

The Hope Theater Department will present Ellen McLaughlin’s Helen beginning this weekend, October 5-6 and continuing next week, October 10-13. Helen tells the story of Helen of Troy, the famed character from Euripedes’ ancient Greek play. Helen was a beauty and was remarkably (for that time) allowed to choose a husband for herself. Selecting Menelaus, they ruled […]

Check out Van Wylen’s CIS Resources

This year’s Critical Issues Symposium is entitled “Reconciliation: Hope in a Divided World.” The symposium is set to begin on Tuesday, September 25 with Miroslav Volf’s keynote address and continue into Wednesday with a morning keynote by Mark Charles and special departmental sessions throughout the day. The library has a large collection of materials related […]

Visiting Writers Series: Susanna Childress and Bich Minh Nguyen

On Tuesday, April 17, the 2011-2012 Jack Ridl Visiting Writers Series will welcome its last two writers of the school year, Susanna Childress and Bich Minh Nguyen. Susanna Childress has released two books of poetry: Jagged with Love and Entering the House of Awe. Jagged with Love received the Brittingham Prize in Poetry and the […]

Manifold Greatness Lecture Series Concludes

The month long lecture series that coincided with Van Wylen’s hosting of the Manifold Greatness exhibit ended on March 29 when Dr. John Cox of the English department presented a lecture entitled “Manifold Greatness: Shakespeare and the Bible.” In this lecture, Cox talked about the various ways the Bible appears in Shakespeare’s writing. Shakespeare cites […]

Heideman Lecture

On Tuesday, March 20th, Dr. Eugene Heideman gave a lecture on the King James Bible and the Geneva Bible, as a part of the lecture series for the Manifold Greatness Exhibit. During his lecture, he discussed the theological and political origins of both translations, and placed them in historical relation to the other English translations […]

Gruenler Lecture Explores 1 Corinthians 13:12

On March 15, Dr. Curtis Gruenler of the English department presented a lecture on the various translations of 1 Corinthians 13:12 and how particular word choices affect meaning. This lecture was the seventh event of the month-long Manifold Greatness exhibit and lecture series at Van Wylen Library. In his lecture, Gruenler showed how the King […]

Heath Wiersma Discusses Text Image Interactions

As a part of the Manifold Greatness exhibit and programming for the month of March, Dr. Anne Heath Wiersma gave a lecture entitled “To See with a Vision Surpassing all Other Visions: the Medieval Tradition and Influence of Biblical Illustration on the King James Bible.” at Herrick Main Library on Monday, March 12th. She began […]

Makoto Fujimura Lecture Adds New Dimension to Manifold Greatness

On March 12, artist Makoto Fujimura presented a lecture on visual theology as part of the World Christians Lecture Series. Fujimura is an artist from New York who recently completed a project entitled The Four Holy Gospels, a work commissioned in light of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, in which Fujimura illuminated […]