New Developments at the KC

As writing continues to become an ever more important skill in an increasingly technological age, students must be equipped with the appropriate tools in their writing tool belt. Hope College emphasizes a well-rounded education; this means writing can be assigned in every class — political science, philosophy, history, and even physics and molecular biology.

Because of the importance of writing in almost every discipline, the Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing has expanded its number of Writing AssistantsIMG_0283 as well as their variety of majors. This semester, we have a total of 41 Writing Assistants and Writing Fellows with a total representation of 22 different majors.

Writing Assistants are students at Hope College who assist their peers in 30-minute or hour-long appointments throughout different stages of the writing process.IMG_0363 Students can come in with a prompt for a brainstorming session, a rough draft for help with organization and clarity, or even a final draft for any last suggestions with transitions or wording. Writing Assistants are located at the round tables behind the reception desk at the Klooster Center.

IMG_0375Another category of Writing Assistants (known as Writing Fellows) are specifically assigned to work with one professor for a class. If you have an appointment with a Writing Fellow for a specific class, you can plan to meet them at the tables right outside of the Klooster Center in the library.

One last thing thing to keep in mind, especially now that we’re in a very heavy time of the semester for papers and projects: please make sure to schedule your appointment at least a day in advance, as our calendar fills up quickly. IMG_0372The further in advance you request an appointment time, the more likely you will be to receive that requested time. That’s all for now. We look forward to seeing you around at the Klooster Center this semester!

To make an appointment with a Writing Assistant, go to the appointment form on our website, or call us at 616.395.7025, or stop by the reception desk. We’re located on the first floor of the Van Wylen Library.

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