Never Come to a Party Empty Handed

Written by Writing Assistant Ashley Arnoult Imagine going to a party fully expecting a widespread of treats to pick from, chips and dip, chocolate covered strawberries, mac ‘n cheese. Now picture yourself getting there and seeing nothing but a couple of chairs and some water bottles. Not much to work with, right? Well, we will provide […]

Essay-Writing Beauty Tips: It’s the Sensible Approach to Creating a Beautiful Paper.

Written by Writing Assistant Darian Davis Can a balanced life truly produce a beautiful paper? This advice almost sounds like it came directly from your mom. Honestly, I do not believe she is wrong. Discovering how to balance your daily routine does wonders for your academics and most notably essay writing. What exactly does a […]

After you visit The Writing Center … you (and your instructor) get a “Session Report.” What’s the value of the Session Report, and how are they created and sent?

By Writing Assistant Ash Borowski Just because the appointment is over, that does not mean that the job is done. There is more that happens behind the blue partition than reading papers. That’s right, I’m talking about the “session report.”  You may have noticed that we ask a lot of questions when you set up your […]

Make an appointment just to discuss the style for your assignment? Sure!

By Writing Assistant Isadora Baughman  The start of a semester is full of new: new pencils, new schedules, and new classes. Maybe you’re a just-declared Psychology major with your first ever APA style lab report. Or you’re in a Spanish Literature course and realize you have to write an entire paper in Spanish! What are […]

Super-Nervous About Coming to The Writing Center? A Guide on What to Expect From Us

Written by: Writing Assistant Amy Beasley Usually referred to as simply “The Writing Center,” the mission of the David J. Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing is in the name: to help you become excellent writers. Students from all majors and years in school are welcome to take advantage of this on-campus resource. In fact, […]

Time is NOT relative: Learn to prioritize, schedule, and map out your writing projects

Written by: Writing Assistant Amy Beasley Quality writing doesn’t happen overnight. Literally! Essays that are written in a sleep-deprived haze the night before they’re due typically aren’t the papers that receive great scores. Why? Writing is a process. It’s a process that takes time. Personally, I try to at least start brainstorming for an essay […]