Keeping Hope with Campus Safety

That old adage — “to keep the home fires burning,” meaning to maintain a sustaining routine while others are away — is precisely what the men and women of Hope College Campus Safety have been doing since Hope formally shifted to remote operations.

Yes, it’s extremely quiet around Hope right now. But Campus Safety personnel are still maintaining their regular safety routines 24/7, still working the front lines, still answering calls, still keeping watch over a 150-acre campus and the few dozen students who remain to live there. Their commitment to upholding the security of the college community has retained its same high standards ever since this unprecedented crisis hit.

“I am so thankful for the Campus Safety team’s dedication to keeping the students and campus safe during this difficult time,” said Kara Slater, director of operations. “Their professionalism and dedication to Hope College is especially evident during a time like this. “

A BIG “Keeping Hope” thank-you to these Campus Safety workers:

Jeff HertelTodd Achterhof
Michael KasherMary Speet
Henry ChenCassie Kregger
Jeff VanderKooyLuke Scott
Mike EverseSelina Qualkenbush
Mike LafataAbby Veltman
Joel SernaLynn VanderVeen
Jason GeurinkNancy Curnick
Glendene LahrLali Brunink
Al RiosKristi VanIngen
Rick Altimara
Tim VanDyke
Les Smith

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