On this Saturday morning before Easter I stare out of my window at the weak Eastern light that begins to illumine the world and give thanks for the impending joy of new creation which is — even now — rising and about to be revealed. The scriptures for the Easter Vigil which will conclude this day speak of new creation made possible by yesterday’s Great Sacrifice. For 40 days we have been unable to whisper “alleluia” but tonight it will fill our mouths leaving room for little else. New creation is coming, and soon.

And so it is for the students of the Hope-Western Prison Education Program. They too are becoming New Creations. Education is changing them. Once thought beyond redemption, through the power of the Holy Spirit their professors are infusing them with hope and a vision of the future where good things are possible. After a lifetime of serial silences they are becoming full-throated alleluias. New creations.

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