Audrey Revercomb

My favorite Hope memory is easily, hands-down walking up to Scott Hall my freshman year and meeting the stranger that I only knew as my roommate. What I didn’t know, is that I would be meeting my best friend. LauraGrace Orner was a blessing in a transformative part of my life and Hope fostered this friendship. We’ve gotten to see each other grow through the trialing and the wonderful, and I know this place gave me a best friend for life.

Maggie Claude

I found Sarah Herrera when I needed her most, and Becca Stanton much later than I should have. My college experience wasn’t as full of campus activities and new people and experiences as I would have liked it to be, but the nights in the basement of Voorhees watching Psych with Sarah or our trio’s pizza and baking nights in Kraker are something I’ll always treasure. Our days together were cut way too short, but I guess better few than none at all. Senior year was the most fun I’ve had thanks to them, and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you for putting up with me when I wasn’t at my best and helping me push forward when I needed to. Thank you for getting me to try new things. Thank you for supporting me when I was lost. Thank you for your creativity and your music taste. Thank you for everything. I love you two to the moon and back.

Jackson Vanderlaan

There are a lot of things that could qualify as my favorite memory at Hope. Participating in the 119th and 120th Pull, joining the Promethean Fraternity, and being an Emmaus Scholar are all solid contenders. But my favorite by far was the time I spent with my Athletic Training classmates.
I spent hours upon hours with them, working games, studying, and goofing off. But one of my favorite memories with them was being able to work the sideline of Hope’s first home NCAA tournament football game this past fall. It was intense and the game didn’t go the way we wanted to, but there’s nobody that I would have wanted to work it with more.
I keep hoping that I’m going to come up with a perfect way to wrap this up, a perfect way to say goodbye; I don’t think there is a way to do that. And the thing about Hope though, is that I didn’t pick a college, I picked a people. And with people, you don’t need to say goodbye, just see you later. So, see you later Hope College and Fire Up Dutch.

Jager Haan

A defining moment for me during my time at Hope was having the privilege of being a senior witness. The opportunity to share my story before the people of Hope was an experience I will never forget. Standing on the stage of Dimnent before the pews, in which I had sat countless times, before my peers, and my community, I realized, with so much more certainty, that Hope truly is more than a place, it’s a people. I am so grateful for a people that are more than friends, mentors, and professors. The people of Hope are my family and every moment with them has made me a better man. Trygve always says to choose a people and I’m so thankful that God placed me at Hope because it’s people changed my life.

Jasmine Love

Being able to share the love of Jesus with these women and have them be my best friends has been one of the best moments of my Hope career. All the laughs and family dinners that carry us through each semester are moments that I look forward to every weekend. These are my forever people and this is not everyone in one photo. Thank you Hope College for bringing me such an amazing community!

Sydney Sabbagha

Dykstra was exactly where I needed to be freshman year, and I never thought I would have loved living there so much. Thanks to Sabrina and Cara for being the best RA and RAR team and for being there to see my morning face and welcoming me in many ways into my new home. Thanks to Katie for living with me and teaching me so much about friendship. Cluster 2-1 and 2-2 will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to Dykstra, I started off college in a space where I learned how to call Hope my home.

Alissa Smith

The Baker Scholars. Without a doubt the best group I ever joined at Hope. I made an amazing group of lifelong friends and gained a great mentor in Professor VanderVeen. Through visiting companies around the world, I found my passion to pursue a career in consulting. We traveled to Seattle, Portland, and Chicago together. If not for the coronavirus, we would have traveled to London and Amsterdam to visit companies as well. We all leaned on and encouraged each other to grow in our careers, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a Baker. This picture of us hiking Rattlesnake Mountain in Seattle is one of my favorite memories with the Baker Scholars!