Valentine’s Day and the Scholarship of Romantic Relationships

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, the day in which people celebrate love and romance with candlelit dinners, Hallmark cards, love letters, red roses, and sentimental presents given to spouses and partners.

But how exactly do those spouses and partners come to choose each other in the first place? And what are some of the things that keep them together?

Dr. Carrie Bredow, associate professor of psychology

Dr. Carrie Bredow, associate professor of psychology, focuses her research on the development and maintenance of adult romantic relationships. She seeks to better understand why people select the life partners that they do and to identify ways to help people avoid “bad choices.” For example, her article entitled “Chasing Prince Charming” in Personal Relationships investigated how holding unrealistic standards for a spouse has partnering consequences. Most recently, Bredow’s scholarly work has looked at how unmarried individuals’ criteria for a long-term partner change or remain the same over a certain period of time in the mate selection process.

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