Get Smart About Credit

Need a car loan?  A house loan?

Thinking about adding another credit card to your wallet?

Before you do, have you asked, “how smart am I about credit?”

Get Smart About Credit Day, on Thursday, October 17, takes a specialized look at one of life’s daily necessities: credit. Established by the American Bankers Association to help young people get an early understanding about credit, Get Smart About Credit Day focuses on educating all people about various forms of credit and how to properly manage and protect their credit scores.

Dr. Brian Porter, professor of management, is an expert in behavioral finance as well as personal finance and investment. His writing focuses on financial planning and management, retirement planning and pedagogy. He has spoken with WalletHub about credit cards for college students, with AARP about Five Rules for Financial Freedom, and with U.S. News about Five Times to Splurge and Five Times to Save.

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