The Positive Psychological Effects of Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to reflect on everything we are grateful for in our lives. Research shows that gratitude has daily benefits, both psychologically and physiologically, no matter the time of year. Dr. Lindsey Root Luna, associate professor of psychology at Hope College, is a clinical psychologist who investigates how virtues are […]

Researching Ways to Get More Zzzzz

With the end of daylight saving happening on Sunday, November 3, sleep is back in the spotlight. Hope’s Dr. Andrew Gall, assistant professor of psychology, has a number of things he can say about that topic. Gall is a behavioral neuroscientist who focuses his research on understanding the neural mechanisms and functions of sleep and […]

When is Forgiveness Day?

Google search “forgiveness day” and a number of different dates pop up on the internet. June 26. July 7. October 26. The date proliferation for forgiveness day is telling. Most national or international “days” focus on a topic for a single date. But the practice of forgiveness is so important to the well-being of individuals, […]

Get Smart About Credit

Need a car loan?  A house loan? Thinking about adding another credit card to your wallet? Before you do, have you asked, “how smart am I about credit?” Get Smart About Credit Day, on Thursday, October 17, takes a specialized look at one of life’s daily necessities: credit. Established by the American Bankers Association to […]

National Clean Energy Week

Monday, September 23 marks the beginning of National Clean Energy Week, the goal of which is to advance the support for our nation’s energy sector through new methods of market development, policy change, and technological innovation. For Hope College’s Dr. Jeffrey Christians, this is his kind of week. The assistant professor of chemical engineering was […]

Managing Hurricane Dorian’s Psychological Aftermath

Hurricane Dorian may be over but not its aftermath. The physical damage it left behind in communities and to people in the Bahamas, Carolinas, even reaching up to Canada, is devastating. Unfortunately, the psychological effects of the natural disaster will inflict suffering for days, weeks and months to come, too. Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren, the […]

Tennis, Anyone? The U.S. Open Is About to Get Underway

Can Serena Williams put her 2018 U.S. Open meltdown behind her and earn a record-setting Grand Slam title? Can anyone other than the dominant trio of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic raise up and win a men’s Grand Slam title at the 2019 U.S. Open? Or, will young upstarts — we’re looking at […]

Water Research for the Global Good

It’s World Water Week beginning Monday, August 25, and this year’s theme is “Water for Society — Including All.” Four Hope College professors have been conducting research with that theme in mind for three years now. Dr. Jonathan Peterson of the geological and environmental sciences department, Dr. Aaron Best of the biology department, and Dr. […]