Dr. Fred Johnson, full professor of History, and his students are spending May term in Vietnam. After a two-year absence, it’s great to be back!


Students met once a week during the spring semester to get a thorough historical foundation of the US-Vietnam relationship. Students taking this course for Senior Seminar also prepared for their life view paper.

Dr. Johnson and his crew take a rest from their travels from Ha Giang back to Hanoig.

Dr. Johnson makes a new friend in Hoi An. Love those smiles!

Program Overview

This course will explore the history and culture of Vietnam. The course will have a history component and a modern-day component, and will examine Vietnam’s military history, particularly with respect to the American war. We will also explore various modern elements of life in Vietnam as well as meet members of several communities: an HIV/AIDS clinic operated in a Buddhist pagoda, a woman’s shelter, and a child-protection center. We will also visit two UN-sponsored (or formerly sponsored) facilities: a women’s health clinic in a Hmong village near the China border and a school for victims of the war defoliant Agent Orange, still impacting children three generations later.


We will spend 14 days in Vietnam, visiting Ha Noi, Ha Giang Province,
Dien Bien Phu, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). 

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