The Youth Are Screaming For Change

Are you curious about what some of the youth involved in Generation Spark are thinking? I was lucky enough to sit down with a few of them and now I am able to share their stories!

One of the students I met with is a young woman that is in the midst of her sophomore year in high school. Her Generation Spark story began when her mother brought home the news that their family’s church would be involved in our program. This student has previously stopped attending their church because of her “busy schedule”, as she first explained to me. She later shared with me that she feels like the church is doing a lot wrong when it comes to the youth.

She explained her negative experience with her church’s Sunday School program and how she is seeing it affect her little brothers in a negative way as well.  Her point of view is that there is a lot that is not working within her church and she doesn’t want to devote her time to a program that isn’t working for her.

“There are so many things that are not working in our church. I really hope that having Generation Spark will help change those things too.”

However, after she heard about GS she became increasingly interested in what our program has to offer her. She asked questions and spoke with eagerness and excitement about the possibilities this would bring the youth in her church. She told me that she hopes to be involved in her church’s second session of GS and hope’s that it will bring change to the aspects of the church that aren’t working.

Her story is a testament to why we do what we do. Generation Spark is a church ministry that will hopefully bring a revival to the whole church with the youth leading the way.


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