My Mentor Listens to Me!

In a recent article featured in the “News and Views” section of the CRCNA’s website, Chris Meehan interviewed Wendi Kapenga, the Generation Spark director at Victory Point Ministries. 

The article states, “Like many churches, Victory Point has faced the challenge of how to keep young people interested and involved in their congregation as they grow into their 20s”.

Kapenga is quoted saying, “We have a discipleship culture here at Victory Point, and this program fit perfectly. We want to have something to offer before they go off to do life”. This attitude going into the program is key. The congregation wants to disciple their youth and Generation Spark is exactly what they needed to kick start that.

“Many churches, she said, have not created the spaces and places in which older members can listen to and try to understand the hopes and dreams and concerns facing young people.”

Kapenga also shared that “we want to create meaningful connections. We believe the older generation has a desire to share stories and to feel valued. We have mentors who have invested in their own kids’ lives. They have walked their children through challenges and now have more time and flexibility to share what they have experienced”.

Meehan writes, “as part of their program, Kapenga said, they have also recruited prayer partners to offer continual prayer as the pilot program unfolds and relationships between the generations develop”. With this excitement and understanding for Generation Spark, there are great things in store for Victory Point Ministries.

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