Generation Spark to Reach More Churches

Over the short time that our pilot ministry has been up and running, we have experienced an encouraging amount of interest in churches wanting to learn more about us. Since we are so new and there are only a few of us on staff, we don’t have the resources to travel to all of these churches to share our vision.

This ministry is based on relationships, and we believe that having a face to face meaningful conversation is a key aspect of building a strong relationship. For this reason, a phone call with the distant churches was out of the picture. We recently spread our wings and explored the world of video conferencing. We were able to meet with a group from a church in Elmhurst, IL right from our our conference room in Holland, MI. This successful presentation did more than simply share information; it actually created a dialogue that left both parties feeling knowledgeable and connected.

This is a big feat for us at Generation Spark. The fact that this video conference was successful and that we were able to talk with each other as if we were in the same room created a new dynamic within our ministry.What does this mean for us? We can now conduct more meetings with distant churches. This means we can spread the need for youth to know they matter. This means we can help more churches keep their youth engaged. If you ask me, this is great news!

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