It’s About Results, Not Just Good Intentions.

  What is the average length of time you remember a sermon? How often do you feel affirmed by your congregation in your individual efforts to make a positive change in the world? What is the average monthly church attendance rate of parishioners at your congregation? How would members under age 25 rate the relevance […]

My Mentor Listens to Me!

In a recent article featured in the “News and Views” section of the CRCNA’s website, Chris Meehan interviewed Wendi Kapenga, the Generation Spark director at Victory Point Ministries.  The article states, “Like many churches, Victory Point has faced the challenge of how to keep young people interested and involved in their congregation as they grow into their […]

“We want to be heard.”

America’s youth are sending a message: “We want to be heard.” I wonder…when will disaffected youth stage walk-outs at their churches? This question came to mind as I observed unprecedented numbers of youth nationwide leading protests against gun violence that killed 17 people at a Florida high school on February 14.  Triggered by a senseless […]

Welcome to Generation Spark!

Welcome to the Generation Spark Blog! Generation Spark (GS) was started at the Center for Leadership at Hope College by Virgil Gulker with the assistance of Hope College students. GS is a church ministry program designed to solve the problem of youth and adults leaving the church. This intergenerational mentoring ministry integrates youth and adults into […]