Faculty: Save Data Entry Time! Upload Publications to FAR

Did you know that you can upload your publications to FAR from an external source?
Save time on data entry! Click on the “Import” button on the top of the Publications summary screen to get started.

You can directly import data from Web of Science, Crossref or PubMed.

You can also go to most reference managers or databases and download a BibTeX file of your citations. Digital Measures has information on BibTeX imports from sources like EndNote, Google Scholar, HeinOnline, Mendeley, RefWorks, Scopus, or Zotero.

We also have a Hope College resource guide for importing publications from Google Scholar. The document details how to create a list of your publications through Google Scholar and then importing them to FAR.

As you import, publications are screened to avoid duplication and to help you link to co-authors at Hope College.

Once your publications are imported, you can go through and edit for clarification, corrections, or to flag the activity for specific strategic initiatives.


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