Congratulations to our award winners!


We’re SO PROUD of our English Department Award winners – many congratulations!






George Birkhoff English Prize: Rebecca L. Stanton

Erika Brubaker ’92 Award for Promising Achievement in the Study of Literature: Morgan S. Boer, Melanie G. Burkhardt, Kellyanne E. Fitzgerald, Theaphania A. Patterson, Hannah J. Pikaart, Shanley E. Smith, Madison T. Vererka, Brooke V. Wharton, Ryan T. Woodside

Williams Eerdmans Poetry Prize: Mitchell T. Van Acker

Williams Eerdmans Prose Prize: Elizabeth M. Ensink

Stephenson First-Year Writing Prize: Mitchel D. Achien’g

Sandrene Schutt Award for Proficiency in Literature: Ashley N. Bakker and Holly J. Wierenga

Erika Brubaker ’92 Awards for Proficiency in Literature: Gretchen Krause and Matthew J. Pelyhes

John D. Cox Award in Shakespeare Studies: Anne L. Oxendine

Clarence DeGraaf English Award: Robert D. Lampen and Cullen R. Smith

Stephen I. Hemenway Award for Promising Achievement in English Teaching: Aimee R. Hoffman and Emily M. Martin

Louis and Mary Jean Lotz Prize in Creative Writing: Elizabeth Ensink

Jennifer Young Award in Creative Writing and Literature: Katherine A. McMorris

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