The Center for Diversity and Inclusion held a prayer dedication of their new office at the Keppel House, located on 10th St. This prayer dedication was held on Thursday, October 29, at 3 pm. 

This beautiful house will provide a warm, inviting, open and community enriching atmosphere for the entire campus community.  It will include a meeting, study and lounge space for students and multicultural student organizations, office space for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and space for small group workshops, seminars and gatherings. We are grateful for everyone who has worked, planned and prayed for a place and space to live more fully into the mission and vision of diversity, equity and inclusion at Hope College. 

Please watch as we celebrate this incredible milestone in Hope’s history and future. At our dedication is: President Scogin, Dean Emeritus Alfredo Gonzales, Associate Dean of Students and Director Vanessa Greene, Rev. Dr. Denise Kingdom Grier, CJ Kingdom-Grier and Taylor Calloway, Class of 2021. They each offer reflections about the importance of this move on our campus.

Published by Margo Walters

Margo works in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion as the Assistant Director. She has lived in Holland since 2003. When she is not too busy, you can find her performing or in the back yard in the garden.

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