Try Piktochart for Infographics, Slideshows, and More!

The creation of infographics in the classroom requires teachers and students to understand the information they want to convey well enough to be able to synthesize details into main points and organize those points into a sensible presentation order.

The creation of infographics also requires strengths in verbal and visual literacy to create effective multimodal communications.

Infographics not only give instructors interesting ways to convey information to students, but (and really, this is my favorite way to use them) they also give students a complex and intriguing method for proving what they have learned and can do with course material.

Piktochart provides a simple, online platform for the creation of infographics.


The infographics you create there can be downloaded in a variety of graphic formats for printing, and sharing via social media and the like.

But even more interesting!!  The infographics can live in the cloud, so that users can access and interact with them.  These infographics can contain live links, videos and so on, so that your users don’t just read, but click and engage.

And for the icing on the cake:  these infographics automatically sort themselves into slides, so that you can use them in presentation mode if you wish.



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