Thoughts on Online Teaching for the Untenured

Robert Talbert from Grand Valley State University writes an excellent blog called Casting Out Nines, which I recommend for thoughts on teaching, tech, and specifically math education.

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Recently he offered his thoughts on whether or not untenured faculty should experiment with the flipped classroom model. 

I think his ideas–which are focused toward faculty who work at institutions which value quality teaching–apply not only to the flipped model, but to any aspect of pedagogical experimentation, and no matter where you are in your career.

His foremost piece of advice mirrors my own to faculty I work with:  pick a course you are going to teach in a year and begin to work on it now.  One cannot do a good job flipping a classroom (or redesigning a course for the hybrid or online environment) in a rush.  You need time to re-design, review, revise, create and curate materials, possibly even test drive them on  some willing students or colleagues.

He provides other great advice specifically for those in a pre-tenure situation.


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