Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Penelope Adams Moon has written a compelling article regarding liberal education and online learning entitled “Teach Online…Before It’s Too Late.”  The article appears in Inside Higher Ed.

In this piece, Moon advocates for online learning in the context of faculty deliberately shaping it through governance.

She reviews surveys of faculty attitudes about online learning, noting “the majority of faculty members believe that online courses are incapable of achieving learning outcomes equivalent to face-to-face courses.”

However, “faculty resistance to online … is also fortified by a mythologized, or at least sentimentalized, vision of the quality of face-to-face teaching and learning.”

She discusses the benefits of online education and then asks:  “How should faculty respond to the online juggernaut? They should teach online. Now … before it’s too late. By avoiding or rejecting online education faculty ignore its proven benefits and forfeit control over one of the most potent developments in higher education in the last 50 years.”

Moon then explains how this progress should happen, particularly in the context of liberal education.



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