NaNoWriMo Helps Folks Tackle Tough Challenges of Any Type

The National Novel Writing Month (November) challenge is something I have participated in, off and on, for many years.

NaNoWriMo logo

You commit to drafting–from start to finish–a novel draft of at least 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30.  My three published mystery novels all began as NaNoWriMo drafts.  I use this model as the basis for a successful novel writing class for undergraduates.

Whether or not you are interested in ever writing a novel, the NaNoWriMo model for fighting procrastination and just getting your work done is useful to anyone tackling a big, time-consuming, and possibly overwhelming challenge.

“Surviving NaNoWriMo: The Tough Mudder of Writing Challenges” offers some great advice on writing and on the mental attitude needed to persevere .


The Best Writing Software: Scrivener

If you write, if you teach writing, if you encourage any other people to write, you (and they) should have Scrivener.

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You can get it here for Macs, for Windows, and now for smartphones.  It costs about $40 and is worth every penny.  It will change your writing life.

From The New York Times:

“Our redeemer is Scrivener… software that jibes with the way writers think. As its name makes plain, Scrivener takes our side; it roots for the writer and not for the final product… The happy, broad-minded, process-friendly Scrivener software encourages note-taking and outlining and restructuring and promises all the exhilaration of a productive desk… Scrivener, then, is one of us, at home in the writer’s jumpy emotional and procedural universe.”—Virginia Hefferman