Check out the UDL Toolkit!

Available for free to help all of us think more about Universal Design for Learning and how we can make our courses more accessible to and engaging for all, particularly through the use of technology and online tools, is the UDL Toolkit!

This Toolkit was designed by folks at the Center for Applied Special Technologies and the University of Michigan, along with funding from the National Science Foundation.

It allows you to do two things.  First, you can get in as a “guest” student, and poke around, experiencing what some of these design features are like for students.

Second, you can use the open source resources as foundations for your own development of online and web-based teaching materials.  (And remember, if that sounds terrifyingly techie to you, you don’t have to do this!  You can just be a student and poke around to see what’s what!).


Want to Read More on UDL?

The text Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices, edited by Sheryl E. Burgstahler, can be located at the above link.

The e-book contains an introduction to UDL in higher education and a variety of articles on UDL practices from the field.  Contributors have affiliations with a variety of universities and community colleges.  The final section contains a useful bibliography of web resources and published articles for those who want to seek out more information.