Check Out Crash Course on Educational Technology

“We believe in the additive power of educational technology both inside and outside the classroom.” Check out this fast-paced, information-packed overview of “teaching at a  distance” and educational technology from the makers of the wildly popular Crash Course educational series.   The lesson is aimed at students learning through educational technology and offers tips for […]

Making A Google Slides Presentation Work More Like a Website

As a follow-up to my last post about creating interactive images using Google Drawings, I thought I’d share this video about doing something similar with Google Slides. Again, my source is Richard Byrne and his wonderful blog Free Technology for Teachers. When creating such interactivity with Google Slides, you can design a first slide that […]

Adding Teaching Tools to Existing YouTube (and other) Videos

Richard Byrne, who writes the wonderful blog Free Technology For Teachers, shared “7 Great Tools for Creating Flipped Lessons from Existing Videos.” He mentions things featured on this blog in the past, like EdPuzzle, but he also showcases a few things not covered here in depth (at least, not yet). Featured are: TesTeach EdPuzzle PlayPosit […]