Four Tips for Effective Teaching Online or On The Ground

“What’s no longer deemed as effective is lecturing compared to the alternative of active learning. Many faculty members don’t use much active learning even though many now acknowledge that they should. This article offers four ways to get started or to move forward in your use of active learning.”

Think About Coaching Students for Better Online Discussions

“I never thought about learning to ski. I lacked context; I didn’t see myself as a skier. Many students may feel a similar disconnect if they believe a course’s content is personally irrelevant. In order to facilitate learning, coaches and teachers must break through this divide. “

The Best Writing Software: Scrivener

If you write, if you teach writing, if you encourage any other people to write, you (and they) should have Scrivener. You can get it here for Macs, for Windows, and now for smartphones.  It costs about $40 and is worth every penny.  It will change your writing life. From The New York Times: “Our redeemer […]