Colorado State’s Access Project Helps Others in Higher Ed Think about UDL

Colorado State University’s “Access Project” helps other in higher education think about Universal Design for Learning, and how we can improve our own teaching practices, especially leveraging the power of educational technology and online tools! I found the resource called “How Do YOU Teach?” particularly valuable as I thought about my own classrooms, what I […]

Want to Read More on UDL?

The text Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices, edited by Sheryl E. Burgstahler, can be located at the above link. The e-book contains an introduction to UDL in higher education and a variety of articles on UDL practices from the field.  Contributors have affiliations with a variety of universities and community colleges.  The final section […]

Postsecondary Education and Universal Design for Learning

While all levels of education need to attend to UDL to be in compliance with ADA standards, postsecondary education students have particular abilities and needs. Check out this website with resources and ideas on postsecondary education and UDL, provided by the National Center for Universal Design for Learning. Also, you’ll find even more resources at […]

Learn More about UDL from the Center for Applied Special Technology

“Until learning has no limits.” That’s the motto for CAST, The Center for Applied Special Technology, whose website is loaded with information and resources for educators interesting in Universal Design for Learning (UDL). As their website states that The Center for Applied Special Technology explores ways of using new technologies to provide better educational experiences to students […]

Inclusion, Reconciliation and Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning… this is something that those of us working in online education need to think about more as we design our curricula and lessons. This TEDX talk, “Universal Design for Learning–A Paradigm for Maximum Inclusion” addresses this in the context of reconciliation.  Fascinating.  The speaker, Dr. Terence Brady of Oxford, explains UDL […]