Summer Reading in EdTech

During the summer months, I won’t be writing this blog twice a week as I do during the school year.

So, I want to share with you this “dean’s list” of best blogs in higher education and ed tech, from EdTech Magazine.

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You’ll find a wide-range of topics and approaches to technology and higher education, from innovation labs to Open Educational Resources, from uses of social media to mobile apps, from humorous essays to podcasts.

Summer Project: Learn Moodle Updates in Your Hammock!

A lot of places which use Moodle for course management software have recently or are about to update to Moodle 3.2.  This terrific new version has a lot to offer (integration with Moodle Mobile, anyone?), but it does look a lot different, and that can be frustrating to work with at first.

Instead of spending time and energy trying to figure out all the ins and outs of this cool new version, why not invest a little bit of time, at your leisure, this summer, in watching some training videos?

Imagine, sitting in your favorite comfy spot at home, or maybe at the beach, earbuds in, watching a few training videos while sipping a summery beverage!  And at the same time making your teaching life easier!

What could be finer?

To that end, as I wind this blog down for the summer, here are two suggestions for learning the niceties of Moodle 3.2 on your own.

First, check out the playlist of Moodle training videos created by Moodle themselves.  You’ll find the list at YouTube via this link; you can pick and choose which tips you learn based on your need.

Second, if you have access to through your local library (or if you want to give their ten-day free trial a whirl), check out their Moodle 3.2 Essential Training course, which you can preview here.