Adding Teaching Tools to Existing YouTube (and other) Videos

Richard Byrne, who writes the wonderful blog Free Technology For Teachers, shared “7 Great Tools for Creating Flipped Lessons from Existing Videos.” He mentions things featured on this blog in the past, like EdPuzzle, but he also showcases a few things not covered here in depth (at least, not yet). Featured are: TesTeach EdPuzzle PlayPosit […]

Four Tips for Effective Teaching Online or On The Ground

“What’s no longer deemed as effective is lecturing compared to the alternative of active learning. Many faculty members don’t use much active learning even though many now acknowledge that they should. This article offers four ways to get started or to move forward in your use of active learning.”

Thoughts on Online Teaching for the Untenured

“What I do try to think about, a lot, is excellent teaching and doing the right thing with my students. Avoiding pedagogical models that show a clear trend of helping students learn mathematics, because I am afraid of my students or because I am trying to protect myself, is not the right thing. If I get tenure, I want it to be because of what I did in the classroom, not because of what I avoided doing.”