Sketchnote of Robinson’s Talk on Schools and Human Flourishing

Recently I wrote about a thought-provoking video of a 2016 talk by Sir Ken Robinson on education and human flourishing.  You can find that post here. As I watched that video, I created a sketchnote.  I wanted to share this example of my visual note taking here. You’ll find lots of other information about the power […]

Sir Ken Robinson: Three Ways Education Can Support Human Flourishing

Sir Ken Robinson has a great deal to say about reforming education to meet the needs of today’s students and the society they do–and will–live in.  Many videos of his talks exist on YouTube. I particularly like this recent one–it is excerpted from a keynote talk given at an event called Big Bang 2016. I recommend […]

The Best Writing Software: Scrivener

If you write, if you teach writing, if you encourage any other people to write, you (and they) should have Scrivener. You can get it here for Macs, for Windows, and now for smartphones.  It costs about $40 and is worth every penny.  It will change your writing life. From The New York Times: “Our redeemer […]