Returning to Watershed

I initially decided to come to Hope due in part to its immensity of undergraduate research opportunities.  My research experience began with my participation in the Day 1 Watershed project during my first year. This bolstered my confidence, and as soon as I realized that it was possible, I had my heart set on continuing to do research the next summer.  

While applying for a position in one of Hope’s labs, I considered a variety of subjects ranging from analytical chemistry to biochemistry. Eventually, I ended up exactly where I started: the Watershed project. I had become so invested in and passionate about the project that I wanted to build on my first year’s work.

This past summer, an extraordinary number of people worked on different aspects of the Watershed project. Most of the researchers focused on microbiology, computer programming, and geology.  As a chemistry major, I focused more on the chemistry aspects of the project, namely analyzing the concentrations of certain chemicals in the water.

No matter whose lab you are in, summer research is an amazing opportunity to extend your intellectual and social experiences. It’s a great way to keep learning, making connections with your professors, and meeting new friends.


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