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“I have had so much fun this week, I forgot I had arthritis”.

It’s words like these, from sweet children who are battling illness, that inspire me to be a part of Dance Marathon. It was at the event where I discovered my passion to care for children and families who are struggling with serious medical conditions, and I believe Dance Marathon does an incredible job of helping kids feel like kids, valued and cherished for exactly who they are.
I have had the privilege of being a Designated Group Representative for the Nursing Team for the past two years. When I first was offered the position, I honestly did not know much of what it entailed. There were times when I was overwhelmed, and also amazed, and the amount of work that goes into the Dance Marathon event. However, what amazed me even more is that the work was done with an incredible amount of passion, enthusiasm, and joy. The students of Hope long to help the Dance Marathon kiddos feel like kids, something that is so important when dealing with such heavy illnesses, and something that I will forever treasure and hold dear to my heart.
Being a part of Dance Marathon is in the “top three” of my cherished experiences during my three and a half years at Hope. Although the days of planning and meeting were long, they were filled with purpose; the purpose to care for God’s children, to love them and work to ensure their ability to thrive. This is what I believe is so important about Dance Marathon. We are on this Earth to serve the Lord, love his people, and work hard to help them flourish; by being a part of Dance Marathon, you are able to do this. You are able to use your unique gifts to serve and care for God’s children, no matter what you are majoring in or planning to work as. What a beautiful opportunity, and one I pray you will take throughout your time here at Hope, and beyond!

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  1. You’re so lovely! Thank you for sharing and for pouring so much of your heart into this event that you love!


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