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“I didn’t begin my pregnancy journey thinking it would end with our baby in the NICU. Having a baby 6 weeks early was a very stressful experience. However, we couldn’t have been in a better hospital. The NICU is a very secured area. Every morning, I scanned my badge and signed my name in the visitors log before even entering the NICU. I scrubbed my hands with soap for 60 seconds per the instruction sheet and left everything in a locker. The nurses and staff in the NICU are true heroes. They were very diligent in explaining the different monitors and how to read the machines he was attached to. Each day they would give us an update on how he was doing. Anytime things changed they would call and update us. It was a blessing to be so close to a hospital that can give such great care to our son, Beau.” – Anna Mika

“The whole process was a little stressful (to say the least) as this was not what we had planned for the birth. We knew even before Beau arrived that there would be a time that he would need to spend in the NICU. Throughout the whole time (before and after the birth) there was so much communication from the staff. We were able to tour the whole floor with a NICU nurse and even at the end of the tour being able to stop and pray with the nurse was a huge thing that brought a lot of Peace. When Beau was staying at Devos the nurses helped out by keeping our minds at peace. They stated we could call 24/7 and even told us they enjoyed when they have parents checking up on the newborns. They communicated what Beau needed to be able to do in order to come home as well as his day to day progress. It allowed for us to know without a doubt that he was being take care of even if so far away. We were definitely blessed by the nurses and staff that came around. My wife and I and are very grateful for Devos!” – Steven Mika

When I was asked to write a blog about our family’s experience with Devos I wasn’t too sure what I would write. I mean I was only there for about four visits to see the little guy. Therefore, I asked my sister-in-law and brother to describe their experiences first hand. But before this, I knew that Devos was such a great place and helped so many. However, I won’t lie to you when I heard that my brother and sister-in-law were going to be transferred to Devos, my first thought was, “ Oh crap, that’s definitely not good. That’s where the serious cases go.” A dumb thought I know, but the combination of fear of the unknowing and being 45 minutes away caused some worry. The most stressful thing was that we had my brother relaying the information from the doctors to the rest of the family, which wouldn’t have been that bad, but he is the world’s worst texter. Thus, the family had very spotty information about the whole thing, so the fear of unknowing was a constant over the 5 days they were at Devos. Despite the frustration, we knew that they would be in good hands. After lil Beau was born, the staff looked after him with such great care for the first few weeks in the NICU. Today he is at home sleeping A TON and cuddling with his favorite uncle (a.k.a. me). Our family will forever appreciate all the wonderful staff members located at Devos and all the miracles they perform. This is why I dance. Not only to get the chance to show off some of my great dance moves but to, in my own way, say thanks. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors as well as anyone who supports such a place.

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