We are nearing the end of the semester, people. Final papers, projects, and presentations are waiting just around the corner and the time of cramming for exams is here. To help us all during this time, Hope College Concert Series has compiled all of our playlists for you in one space!

We have it all: chill playlists, groovy playlists, and bangerz only. During this finals week, check out some of our playlists and crank out those last few assignments of the semester!

Chill Playlists

Looking for something to help you focus while studying? Look no further! We have 4 playlists to help you get through those long hours n the library.

Student Congress: HCCS Bops: Have you heard music playing in the Pine Grove recently? This is (most likely) the playlist that has been used!

GRACYN//MOLLY: Seriously, you have to check out this essence playlist from two of our core members.

NATE//ALEX: Another essence playlist that features Nate and Alex’s favorite music!

Study Jamz: Your song suggestions from the beginning of the year. Revisit those study songs and crank out your papers and projects!

Groovy Tunes

Whether it’s 70s music, indie/alternative vibes, or jazzy riffs, these playlists have got it all! If you are looking for something to get you moving during finals, check out one of these:

Groovin around the Globe: International students contributed to this playlist and was made alongside the Album of the Week initiative from Hope College Student Congress.

CAM//MOLLY: An essence playlist from two core members. If you want to know our favorite songs, check this out!

Josh’s Playlist: Another essence playlist from our core member out in Oregon!

One Day Vacay: This playlist is a compilation of all student suggestions! Listen here if you need to take a break from studying and pretend you’re on vacation.

Bangerz ONLY

MICHAEL//GINA: Our co-directors put together this bangin’ playlist just for you!

WOMXN POWER: In honor of RBG (peace be upon her), we made this playlist to highlight female artists!

HCCS ~End of Summer~: Our very first playlist from this academic year! Throw it back with us to those sunny days in August… we can all pretend we are at the beach.

A Little Bit of Everything

MICHAEL//CAM: Check this one out! It has a mix of everything but is generally more upbeat.

sp00ky szn: Halloween-themed! If you’re feeling sp00ky about finals, maybe this one is for you!

~~earworms: Do you just need to hear those songs that have been stuck in your head? We have a whole playlist of those songs for you here!

NATE//ELISEO: And finally, our last essence playlist from two of our core members!

Let us know which playlist you like best! We wish you all the best this week and hope this music helps to keep you sane!

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