Hope Computer Science students win best poster competition at conference

Students Amber Carnahan and Jori Gelbaugh won the best poster award at the 2017 Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) Midwest annual conference, held on September 26-27 at Calvin College.

Students Jori Gelbaugh (left) & Amber Carnahan (right) with their poster about their Articulus project at CCSC MW 2017.

Amber and Jori’s poster summarized their work on Articulus.  On their page at the Google Chrome Web store, Amber and Jori describe purpose of Articulus:

Articulus is a Google Chrome extension that improves the readability of online articles. 

... In plain English, Articulus makes reading online easier!

For students with reading or learning disabilities, reading online articles can often be challenging because of online distractions and difficult words. Articulus was created to give these students (and other readers) the freedom to easily read the articles they want.

Work on Articulus was completed during the summer of 2017, and was supervised by Dr. Mike Jipping.  Congratulations to the students and Dr. Jipping for their outstanding work!

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