Advising Season! What you need to know about Majoring in Communication

During the next two weeks or so, Hope College faculty and students meet together for advising. During advising sessions, faculty and students discuss students’ progress toward their degrees, what courses to register for next semester, and how their Hope College education is preparing students for their futures.

Dr. Choonghee Han describes his approach to advising, saying,

My motto in advising, as the chair of the Communication Department in particular, has been to enable students to see where they are heading and what they need to do now when it comes to their plan of study. Whether it be Major/Minor requirements, off-campus study, credit transfers, or something else, please stop by anytime when you’re in doubt.

In addition to the courses required for a Communication Major (Comm 101, 140, 151, 160, 260, 280, and 399), the Communication Department is offering these electives in Spring 2019.

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