What is Positive Leadership?

My goal is to be a positive leader in nearly everything I do. The world does not need more leaders, but better leaders…. Where the world tells us to lead through power, God tells us to lead through humility, getting our strength directly through Him. Where the world tells us to change others to match what we want, God (and the positive change theory) tell us to change ourselves to meet the needs of the least of these. I can see myself being a positive influence…. I see myself seeing the greatest need and leading with the least of these, helping them to create an economic opportunity for themselves, while I live life beside them….  I desire to move into the dangerous neighborhoods, because the safest place for me to be is where God is….

In conclusion, the most important thing I learned about influence is that whatever seems hardest is most likely from the Lord and the best thing to do.  It is best to be pushed to start ministries about which people think “what the heck?”  It is best to lead through sacrifice, as that is how to get people to internalize healthy team values.  It is best to put others first, even though we tend to often be self-focused.   — Claire Pabst

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