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After 40 K views, here are the 13 most popular CFL blog posts:


Title Views
Home page / Archives More stats 5,683
About More stats 1,624
What I Learned About Entrepreneurship* More stats 1,254
Hope College – CFL Consulting More stats 965
Great Books On Faithful Entrepreneurial Leadership More stats 723
Hope College – CFL Incubator More stats 683
CFL Integrated Learning: Four Core Leadership Courses/Leadership Minor More stats 562
The “Hope Does” Story. Because Love Does. More stats 475
LDRS 291: Becoming an Influential Leader More stats 472
Steve Blank: Four Steps to the Epiphany More stats 469
LDRS 231: Leading the Start-Up Process More stats 440
“Unfiltered” Awarded a $2500 Grant More stats 387
Thanks to Jim and Virgil More stats 375

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