Thanks to our Leadership Minor Mentors

In Mentoring: Two Voices, Max DePree suggests there are two very important questions we need to ask ourselves:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Will I do?

In our Integrated Learning program, to help students answer these questions, it is our policy and process to assign students to a leadership coach.  So when students apply to become leadership minors, we immediately connect them with Mark deRoo.  Mark meets with the students to develop a plan to enhance their leadership capacity.  Part of the process is to assess the students’ emotional and social intelligence skills and connect them with a mentor.

A giant THANK YOU for the following people who have volunteered to mentor our Leadership Minor students during the last 2 years:

  • Chris Cook
  • Kristen Diekovers
  • Tim Schoonveld (2)
  • Paul Jones (2)
  • Judy Kruis
  • Carl Heideman
  • Layne Fuller
  • Lee Eilers
  • Karen Goodwin
  • Abby Reeg (2)
  • Bill Swets (2)
  • Hilary DeBoer (2)
  • Craig Tommola
  • Tom Bos, Jr.
  • Choonghee Han
  • Mark deRoo (2)
  • Kristi Dunn (3)
  • Rachel Bishop
  • Brenda VanderMeulen
  • David Tapley
  • Caroline Hennema
  • Cheryl Cnossen
  • Ken Vos
  • Leah Dykstra
  • Nancy Miller
  • Paul Olesh
  • Pete Palazzolo

A special thanks to Diane Jones, who has met with several students on an on-call basis!

(The risk of naming names is that I may miss someone.  If I did, please let me know.  I sincerely apologize!)

We also do not want to forget those mentors who participated in our campus-wide mentoring programs prior to 2011.   Due to resource issue constraints and the decision to focus on only three initiatives (Integrated Learning, Student Consulting, Entrepreneurial Development) we downsized our mentoring efforts.  We invite those readers who formerly participated in our mentoring program and would like to do so again, and new readers who would like to learn more about our mentoring opportunities, to contact Mark deRoo (


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