You invest in us.  We invest in students and engage other individuals, teams, and organizations.  Together we co-create work experiences that matter.  Why?  To help discover and validate our ideas, gifts and calling, prepare students for work, and transition them from college.

But how we do that is also unique.  We operate interdisciplinary co-curricular programs, drawing students from many academic disciplines and putting them in cohorts and teams with practitioner coaches and mentors to work significant projects for organizations in the community (some of which were launched through CFL!).  Why?  Because there is a connection between what happens in college and job engagement and well-being after college.  We aren’t successful unless our graduates holistically flourish.

Today we wish to share some dividends.  Without you what we do wouldn’t be possible.  Thank you!

Academic (CFL Integrated Learning)

  • This fall we will be offering 2 sections each of LDRS 201: Inspirational Leadership;  LDRS 291: Becoming an Influential Leader; and LDRS 292: The Trusted Adviser.  We decided to keep LDRS 231: Leading the Start-Up Process as one big section, but with CFL Incubator alums as co-instructors!
  • What students write:

Chris and Cam and Russell


Consulting (CFL Consulting)

Consulting AcademE #1 Jan 20 2015

Entrepreneurship (CFL Incubator)

Fathom 3

Thanks for investing in us so we can invest in our students and together co-create work experiences that matter.  And then others follow your lead.

To God be the glory!

Golden Circle

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