Thank You, Sarah!*

Sarah Kolean Servant Leader

CFL’s mission is to empower students discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling, prepare for work, and transition from college.  To implement its mission, we uniquely engage students and practitioners in our three main programs:

Sarah has seen it all and significantly contributed to CFL’s evolution and growth.  God has blessed us through her.  Today we celebrated that.

Before our celebration, we collected some thoughts from our students, alums, practitioner coaches, and staff.  Here is what they had to say:

“Thanks for your kindness and helpfulness! You do a great job.” – Evelyn Ritter

“It is always great talking to Sarah because she is fully present with you while talking. She really invests in each person and asks questions because she is truly interested in your response. Sarah is helpful, friendly, and approachable!!” — Bridget Stenger

“I really appreciate all the work you’ve done for CFL and the student consultants. You go out of your way to check in on us and our projects and ask about our lives. You truly care about each of your students and I couldn’t thank you enough for that support and encouragement. The Center for Faithful Leadership is lucky to have you. Thanks for being you.” — Taylor Trapani

“I thank you for connecting me to Steve and the students and team members at CFL. I enjoy it and like working with you! Thanks for staying open to new ideas, making them become realities. Has to be tough with so many ideation and strategic thinkers in one area.” – Laurie Bos

“Thank You Sarah! You always deliver good news. :]” – Russell Fyfe

“Can’t speak enough to how much fun it was working with you over the years at CFL. You were always so supportive of Scott and I prior to our presentation as well as your patience with our disorganization. You are an inspiration to so many people, thank you for being the shining light that you are.” – Sam Tzou

“Thank you for your hard-work and constant dedication to the CFL program! I knew I could always rely on you to answer my questions, coordinate logistics for meetings, or simply listen and be there when I needed it.” – Stephanie Skaff

“Sarah’s work behind the curtain to make sure the CFL runs smoothly is admirable and rarely recognized. She makes sure that all the little details that can be overlooked by others are taken care of. More importantly Sarah cares deeply about the students she works with. Sarah provides me with valuable advice in all areas of my life and is a trusted mentor. I am grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for me.” – Michael Savage

“Thank you for all the work you do for the CFL. It would not be where it is today without you!” – Ivy Keen

“Sarah Kolean is the “glue” that keeps us rather independent CFL staffers and students into a cohesive group! In addition to that challenge, Sarah is a Poster Child for using all her Strength Finder talents within CFL. Especially noteworthy is how she uses her “Maximizer” talent – always seeking to transform CFL from something strong into something superb; and also using her “Harmony” talent – always striving for consensus as our CFL voice of reason as she seeks agreement when our disparate opinions might surface. And finally, Sarah has become the all-important “go to person” at CFL sharing her resourcefulness and knowledge of college operations patiently answering our many questions and frequently helping us over the hurdles to make things happen. Sarah is certainly a gift and a blessing to CFL! Thank you Sarah!” – Jim Cnossen

Sarah2“Our mission at CFL– to help prepare students for lives of leadership and service in the real world–implies that we actually live and work in an academic world that is anything but real. Thanks, Sarah, for helping me function in that unreality without seriously offending anyone. You are a constant source of relevant information and advice on issues that matter. Not sure what I would do without your patient tech support. You laugh at my jokes, you make me laugh and, most important, you are fully invested in the lives of the students we serve. Thank you! Don’t forget your snow brush!”– Virgil Gulker

“Sarah, thank you for your dedication, eagerness to help, enthusiasm, and loyalty to CFL and Hope College as a whole over the years. You were a very valuable example to me, and I know that the impact myself and others were able to make through CFL and ASI could not have been realized without you playing a helping hand. Thank you Sarah, from not only myself, but everyone you have touched in your time here.”– Reed Swift

“Thank you Sarah for all that you do for us students at the CFL! And thank you for always answering my questions, when I would call last minute!” – Jessica Ray

“From the day I began my association with the CFL, you’ve been the glue that holds it
together. Thanks so much for all you do!”– Brenda VanderMuelen

“Sarah, you are a wonderful role model and the CFL would never be the same without you.” –Chelsea Chamberlain

Thank you,Sarah!

“As feedback regarding Sarah at least to this point from me: She carefully knits the pieces together many times behind the scenes to make everything work as it should for CFL. And, she will most often be the one asking those really necessary questions to keep the group on track.”  – Mike Valz

“Sarah possesses gifts I do not have. She thinks of things I don’t. She reads the emotions of others, considers how they might feel, and knows when they need a word. She completes her own projects and sometimes even the projects of others. She handles many details, accounting and otherwise. She has been with CFL from its beginning and is one very significant reason it keeps going. She keeps us connected and we are blessed to have her!”– Steve VanderVeen

“Thank you, Sarah, for always being on top of the details!” – Ryan Havey

“There‘s a person at Hope who is thorough, quick and easy going, A true embodiment of the CFL. She’s fun and pleasant–OK, she’s just plain swell.”

“She’s fast and efficient. In fact, some might call her a ‘machine.’ But we know her as a friend and colleague. She’s just fantastic Sarah Kolean.”– Mark De Roo


*Sarah Kolean is CFL’s one and only Office Manager.  She started at Hope College on October, 1, 2005.

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