Entrepreneurs At Hope, Dec 2014

Mentors CFL Incubator:

Mentees (the next Cohort of Pioneers) and Current HEI Awardees

  • Margo Apostoleris and Cara Johnson: PTPro

PTProDesigning web-based software for physical therapists.

Fall 2014 Cara and Margo

Margo and Cara were also CFL Incubator Idea Pitch and Learn winners.

  • Marc Boersma: Tip Top Teak

Boat cleaning and detailing.

Marc BoersmaMarc was also a CFL Incubator Investor Pitch and Learn Award winner.

Fall 2014 Marc

AND, Marc was a CFL Incubator Idea Pitch and Learn Award winner!

  • Zach Diener: Bustin Longboards

Combining art, artists, and long-board design.

Bustin Longboards



Fathom 3

Matt and team were also a CFL Incubator Investor Pitch and Learn winner.

  • Jessica Grander and Macall Smith: Tizzy

Tizzy mockup

Shopping? A social cure for indecisiveness:


Jessica and Macall were recently awarded additional funding at StartGarden.

  • Sophie Guetzko: WindChime

An app that combines social media and artificial intelligence.

  • Raechel Kamphuis: IdDazzle

idDazzleFashionable, portable, and convenient way to carry important items.

Fall 2014 RaechelRaechel was also a CFL Incubator Idea Pitch and Learn winner.

Furniture exclusively for college students.

Room Vibrations Futons

  • Evelyn Ritter: The chair!

SUA closed 3Evelyn is seated on the far left.  She is designing an environmentally friendly conference chair.

Clothing for the tall and thin.

Adam Vander Ploeg 2Adam was also a CFL Incubator Investor Pitch and Learn Award winner.

See it in downtown Holland this summer!

Pipeline for the CFL Incubator

Chris and Cam and Russell

Start-Up AcademE. 2nd Mondays CFL Incubator Alums and HEIers

Start-Up AcademE Coaches


  • To learn more about CFL Incubator alums and other StartGarden winners, click here.
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  • For those donors, mentors, coaches, and pitch judges who make the CFL Incubator possible, thank you!!!

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