Student Consultants, Spring 2014

We’re not in the consulting business.

A lot of colleges are in the consulting, knowledge, research, sports, and start-up businesses.   We offer those experiences, but they don’t define us.

We’re in the development business.  We help students transform and transition.  (And in the process we all grow.)

Here is some of the people who are helping us grow, beginning with CFL’s roster of student consultants — a list of students in our Student Consulting program who develop us as we seek to develop them.

February, 2014 Boot Camp Graduates

Amy and consultants, boot camp Jan 2014

Seated, from left to right, are:

  • Emily Forster.  Emily will be working with Virgil Gulker (project leader) and student Lindsey Bieri on a project focusing on the huge need for foster parents.  They will give a foster care organization in Texas an innovative strategy to recruit foster parents in churches.
  • Elizabeth Siepker.  Elizabeth will be working with Brenda VanderMeulen (project leader) and student Erik Groothuis on a project that will optimize the throughput of students in a dining area during peak times.


  • Seth Layman.  Seth will be working with Jim Cnossen (project leader), and student Stuart Fraser on a project that recognizes the critical need for low-cost eye-care in the developing countries of the world.  The project is creating a “business-in-a-box” for entrepreneurs in third-world countries such as India to craft visual aids out of plexiglass and wire, which can be sold for less that a dollar.  Each business-in-a-box would be capable of providing several thousand people with visual aids each year.  The project is currently in the stage of finalizing the minimum viable process and product, and is aiming to distribute the first business-in-a-box this summer.  Gene Koning and Kon Marcus are subject matter experts on this project.
  • Erik Groothuis.  Erik will be working with Brenda VanderMeulen and Elizabeth Siepker (see above).
  • Amy Freehafer.  Although she looks young enough to be a student, Amy is our talent theme assessment expert.  Amy works for Hope’s Career Development Center and helps all of us better collaborate.
  • Stuart Fraser.  Stuart is working with Jim Cnossen, Gene Koning, and Kon Marcus and will soon be working with Seth Layman (see above).
  • Amanda Napier has not yet been assigned.

Amy and Boot Camp crew Jan 2014

Experienced Student Consultants


  • Katie Carlson and Zach Wormmeester have been working with Jim Cnossen (project leader).  They have just completed a major phase of a integrated marketing strategy for a new truck sales and truck repair service business.

Herman Miller Student Consulting team

  • Mackenzie Wyant and John Balich are working with Jim Cnossen (project leader).  They have just completed a major phase of a market research project for a furniture manufacturer.


  • Ryan VanderPloeg (seated on left) and Chelsea Chamberlain are working with Virgil Gulker (project leader) on a project that seeks to help churches reach across the generations.  It’s appropriated called the “Legacy” project.  Ryan also complete a video for CFL’s Entrepreneurial Development program.
  • Michael Savage (seated under the clock), Charles McCalla (right, in front of whiteboard) and Stephanie Emanuele are working with Jeremy Latchaw (project leader).  They are completing a major phase a market research project for a non-profit.
  • Allison Barnes and Taylor Tripani are working with Jim Cnossen (project leader).  They have just completed a marketing research and strategy project for the CFL.
  • Karina Winkelman managed our student servant leaders award selection process and event, as well as promotional strategy and work for our Great Commission Grant opportunity.

Those students who are completing projects will be assigned to new projects soon.  Among the new projects are:

  • Creating a loyalty program for one of the fastest growing franchises in the country.
  • Identifying gaps in career development and business programs.
  • Assessing and suggesting solutions for the serious shortage of low-income housing in Holland.
  • Helping a group of talented scuba divers create a non-profit organization that gives para- and quadriplegic individuals a diving experience.

Special thanks to Laurie Bos, our Boot Camp Coach, and Sarah Kolean, our admin, glue, and hub!

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