Developing Leaders and Seeking to Make Healthcare More Effective and Affordable

Ethan on UI at SHI

If leadership and holistic well-being depend on integrity with our gifts and calling, we can better do leadership development through mentoring and interdisciplinary project-based learning.

We are blessed to pursue this strategy under the auspices of Hope College’s mission and plan.

We couldn’t do this without great partners, such as Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI).


Goal 1 of Hope’s new strategic plan states: “Hope College will engage every student in a holistically formative education, distinguished by its combination
of academic rigor, intimate learning environment, and experiential relevance, developed and delivered by nationally recognized teacher-scholars.”

Objective 3 of Goal 1 states: “Teaching, learning and scholarship will be characterized by convergent approaches that span multiple perspectives and disciplinary boundaries.”


A convergent approach that spans multiple perspectives is being discovered and validated as we discover and validate challenges and solutions within a very large healthcare organization headquartered in West Michigan.  Through a collaboration among students majoring in Communication, Computer Science, Engineering, and Management we are making a difference.  What has pulled us together is a unique collaborative partnership between CFL and Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI).

Ben at SHI with CPSC team

The Software Project

Ben Schipper (Communications major) is spearheading an effort to solve a scheduling challenge within Spectrum Health.  During the Fall, 2014 semester he lead of a small team including Ryan Campbell (Economics major) and Katie Brudos (Computer Science major) who engaged in the very early stages of Customer Discovery — to validate the challenge with clinicians and how the problem was currently being solved.  During the Spring and Summer of 2015 Daniel Sullivan and Coty Franklin (Computer Science majors) joined the team.

During the Fall, 2015 semester, Professor Ryan McFall brought the project into his senior project seminar class to build a prototype.  His team included Computer Science majors Katie Brudos, Josh Hubers, Kyle Magnuson, and BJ Schulz.

CPSC team at SHI 2

In addition, Russell Fyfe (Computer Science and CFL Incubator alum) coached Evan Altman, who worked on creating and validating ideas for a user interface.

Ethan on UI at SHI 2

Ben Schipper, coached by CFL’s  Jim Cnossen, coordinated the teams and process.

The Medical Device Project

Jonathon Maat (Management Major) and Rochelle Miller (Engineering Major) have been leading efforts to solve a neonatal ETT (Endo-Tracheal Tube) holder challenge.  During the Spring and Summer of 2015, they were engaged in the very early stages of Customer Discovery — validating the challenge with clinicians and understanding how the problem was currently being solved.

Jonathon leading ENGR team at SHI

During the Fall, 2015 semester, Professor Roger Veldman brought the project into his year-long engineering design class where the students are developing an early prototype.  His team includes Engineering majors  Kelly Daniel, Sam Gallmeyer, Seth Layman, and Rochelle Miller.

Jonathon has been busy coordinating the teams and process.

ENGR team at SHI

Both the software and medical device solutions are far from finished.   But the students are completing the Customer Discovery phase and are beginning, with the help of Hope faculty, seeking to create a products that will be technically-feasible, desired by the market, and profitable to produce.  The goal is leadership development.  But leadership development — finding integrity with our gifts and calling — can’t happen without engaging in important work, such as contributing to making healthcare more effective and affordable.

Thanks to Anthony, Brent, Eric, Kristina, Lori, Lisa, Mike, and Scott of SHI and a host of Spectrum Health clinicians for being such patient and wise partners!

SHI at DeVos

And to Nick and Seth via CFL for being gracious subject matter experts.

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